Black Hills State graduate discusses being quarantined in China during the corona virus outbreak

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Wes Sorrell is from Box Elder and graduated from Black Hills State in May of 2018. He now teaches English in China and is currently quarantined during the coronavirus outbreak

" So right now I have been quarantined inside my apartment for 18 days now, we were officially quarantined Feb 1st by order of the University. " Says, Wes Sorrell

Sorell was told this week that he would have at least two more weeks of quarantined inside his apartment, and can only leave it under a few circumstances.

" the only time I go into the courtyard or into the lobby of the complex is if I'm picking up groceries or a boxed meal I ordered the day before" Sorrell

While halfway across the world Sorrell is doing his best to keep his family and friends back home calm

"I've been reassuring them that the Chinese government and medical professionals are doing everything they can to stop the disease from spreading further." says, Sorrell

Sorrell was told that the Yichang cases are dwindling and the virus should be in its last stages. those quarantined are taking it on a day by day

"Everybody is doing the best that they can right now if anything I think they are mostly fighting boredom and not fighting the virus if that makes sense." added, Sorrel