Black Hills State University is getting ready for an upgrade

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The quietest place on campus will soon be booming with the sounds of construction.

The new library will help students out tremendously.

Laurie Nichols is the President of Black Hills State University.

"The library is really a hub on this campus, it's a very well used space and if you've been able to spend any time in our library you walk in and you see a lot of students in there studying, hanging out," said Nichols. "We've got a great little cafe in our library that pulls a lot of people in."

This project will cost around $9,000,000 and the university already has the money.

"We will fund this almost completely out of what we call the HEFF fund and that's the higher education facility fund," said Nichols. "Plus a little bit of MNR dollars, maintenance and repair dollars, will going into it as well."

And with the new 62,000 square feet, students are going to be spending a lot more time in the new student success center.

"A lot of different services that students access will be co-located so they can go one place and within minutes they could even access a number of different offices," said Nichols.

And it doesn't stop there, there will be a new makers' space that will feature computer software and high tech equipment like a 3D printer and also a digital studio that will also offer students videography and design work.

"It gives them resources that we just aren't able to provide to students in perhaps replicate in many classes," said Nichols. "We can put it in the library and have a very nice lab or studio available for them. So I think students are really going to like that space."

The university is waiting on final approval from state lawmakers before moving forward.