Black Hills Regional Job Fair wraps up another successful year

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The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center hosted the annual Black Hills Regional Job Fair Wednesday.

This year's job fair featured nearly 90 exhibitors, including our station, as you can see there. Thousands of job seekers handed over their resumes to recruiters with hopes of finding employment. This career fair offers a lot of promise to those who are prepared.

Chairperson for Black Hills Regional Job Fair Peggy Schlechter says, "We have employers that interview right here on the spot. We have employers that offer jobs on the spot. Many of them offer follow up interviews. So a lot of successive people who really want a job, and they're very serious about it, and they come in dressed and looking like they're serious about looking for a job, they're going to have really good luck."

This was the 18th Annual Job Fair. It is run by the South Dakota Association of College Career Centers with a goal of connecting employers to an educated workforce.