Black Hills Fox Business: The Switch & SEDC's new website

A new food business is trucking it all throughout the Black Hills
and they're switching things up every single week.

The Switch started rolling earlier this Summer, serving a different item on its menu each week. Selling everything from sandwiches to other unique meals, the owners say the idea is not only easier for them,
but a new experience for their customers as well.

Amy Laqua says, "We have a lot of regulars where they'll come in and they don't even know what we're serving for the week and they're like oh I'll take two of them or you know so, its really worked well, it's been a great Summer.

"We've just had people tell us hey, thank you because I never would have tried that or I didn't even know what a reduction was or whatever I'm putting on the menu they're like man, I wouldn't have came up with that or even tried it at a restaurant so they just have fun with it, we have fun with it," Rubyeel Ruiz continues.

The owners also say they hope to become even more mobile by adding a food truck in the future. You can catch them for lunch during the week in Spearfish through the remainder of the month across the street from Pizza Hut, Saturday at the Black Hills Farmer's Market and at the Crow Peak Brewery on Sunday.

You can check out what the meal of the week is by checking out the description and a picture of it on their Facebook page, The Switch: Black Hills.

The Spearfish Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) has a fresh new website for people to visit.

The SEDC says it was time for a new look and that the reasons for the revamp were that the old site was outdated and they wanted to find a unique platform to show what makes its community so special.

Jennifer Jungwirth, marketing coordinator, says "When they come to our new Spearfish Economic Development website, they're able to see Spearfish's story. We have a very unique story to tell and through the website, we're able to not only market that regionally and locally, but nationally and internationally. There's going to be alot of videos, alot of first-hand accounts of what it's like to live and do business here in Spearfish."

The updated marketing tool will still host the corporation's loan programs, state financial incentives and available properties as well as bring a new visual appeal to its viewers.

If anyone is interested in relocating or expanding their business in Spearfish or want to see what the new site has to offer, they can visit