Black Hills Fox Business: Scooter's Coffee & Booming Stock Show Economy

A new coffee shop has popped up in town, serving up your favorite cup of Joe and so much more.

It is the first Scooter's franchise in west river South Dakota.
You can wake up early and hit their drive through as they open up at 5:15 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekends. With their extensive beverage menu and tasty food options, they say they're happy to give Rapid City another choice.

Afton Klode, manager at Scooter's, says "We're just really excited to have another option out there that provides you know great service, great quality of coffee and great food and just a place that people can come and be part of the community."

The owners plan to have a total of four Scooter's in Rapid City. The second is out on Elk Vale Road and Eglin, while the third is still being negotiated and ideas are brewing on the last one.

And I decided to go over to the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo today this week. We're talking about an event that has about a $22 million impact for Rapid City

For both producers and consumers, it's really the cattle that drives the stock show. Producers tell me that although they all have the same end goal in the process which is to sell, they each have unique operations.
You can see consumers walking through looking at different blood lines and types of cattle. Producers tell me an average bull will bring in $4500 to $5,000 but with the high quality presented, they're always hoping for more.

Vince Bickel, owner of Vin-Mar Cattle Company, says "I firmly believe that the livestock shows drive the stock show. It's a meeting place for fellow registered producers also very vital to the stock show, it brings in the commercial customers to purchase our bulls."

Other vendors are profiting as well in addition to relaying information. The South Dakota Beef Industry Council is doing their part to enhance the demand for the meat in the U.S.

Suzy Geppert, Executive Director for SD Beef Industry Council, says "We've got alot of different cuts out there. Alot of them are really lean and healthy cuts but our consumers have alot of questions on well how do we prepare it?"

Wayne Tupper, former president for SD Beef Industry Council, says "We want to remind you that beef it is what's for dinner!"