Black Hills Fox Business: Roam'n Around and smarting the cold

Whether you're participating in winter sports or just wanting to to be protected from the cold, one local travel and adventure store says they have everything you need to stay warm.

Roam'n Around is located right at 512 Main Street. In their store, you can find fleece outerwear, hats, gloves, and anything else you may need to function outdoors. Staff says when customers come in, there's one thing everyone agrees on when making their selections.

Jon Machacek, sales associate at Roam'n Around, says "It's a lot of base layers, whether it's a glove liner, tops and bottoms base layers by Patagonia or Smart Wool. It's all about the layer system that really happens when those temperatures dip down, maybe they're doing mountain biking, warming up. It's all about layering."

They say a good thing to look for is something that you can look good in and also be comfortable in while still attempting to fight the brutal cold. It's something they notice customers don't mind spending money on.

Machacek says, "Just a good quality wool product is nice next to skin or a synthetic product as nice as skin just helps warmth plus you're really flexible and active people like that flexibility."

Roam'n Around is in that stage where people are starting to look for spring wear but if you don't have a good coat just yet, there are still some good winter jackets there and they also have sales on some of their items.