Black Hills Fox Business: The Shop and Ursa Major venue

There's a new business joining the makespacer movement.
It's a place where you can learn, create and connect.

The Shop is a large space where you can utilize and learn how to use many different tools and machines. On one side of the facility is a full woodshop with saws, sanders, joiners and all the tools you need for woodworking. On the other, a full welding shop that has a plasma table, a milling machine and much more for metal. The owner says that he thinks the makespacer idea will definitely benefit a place like Rapid City.

James Krause, owner, says "We want people to come here and learn things, you know chase their dreams, learn how to well, learn how to use woodworking equipment. We want you to create your ideas, make them reality. You know like Pinterest projects, if you want to build a bookshelf, if you want to build a shelf, or a chair, and then connect with other people that share the same interest that you do."

If you want to get involved at The Shop, they have classes and ranging memberships. The space is located at 2380 Deadwood Ave. and open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

You can learn more by visiting their website or by stopping by.

A recent addition to the Hay Camp Brewing Company is a new music venue and community performance space.

Ursa Major is a multi-use event space that is focusing on bringing live shows to the area.

The company brought in an energetic crowd with Best Coast this past weekend and hopes to bring many other bands to its stage. The owner says the venue adds to the tavern where people can come in, get a beer, and also enjoy the event they're attending.

Sam Papendick, owner and brewer, says "We wanted to fill a niche. Kind of a smaller, midsized venue. We can fit anywhere from 150 person seated to 350 general Admission so being able to bring in some of those crowds as well as well as some of those traveling musicians is really nice to get that activity in Rapid City."

Ursa Major has a few shows planned for the Winter and another big show in the Spring. If you want to learn more or book the venue, you can stop by Hay Camp Brewery for details.