Black Hills Fox Business: Online shopping and local retailers

From November 1st and Dec. 31st of last year, online sales hit $91.7 billion dollars in the U.S., up 11% from the year before, according to a report by Adobe Insights. However, that doesn't mean consumers aren't still making their way to the store to shop for the holidays.

Sami Dietrich owns S & Co Boutique in Rapid City. She says she's experienced retailing in both the online shopping world
and through the customers that visit her storefront.
She thinks the two ways of reaching customers go hand-in-hand.

Sami Dietrich, owner of S&Co Boutique, says "So many people think it's either in-store versus online but I love having both. I think online is really important around Christmas season, especially because people can be shopping all the time, they don't have to be there when the stores open. They can be sitting on their computer at night looking, and they can get express shipping to get it to them right away. I also think it's so important that people can touch and feel, and actually have the shopping experience."

Dietrich says there's Black Friday where people are always going to get out the house and go shopping, but she says there's also Cyber Monday that comes right after, making holiday shopping just a click away.

Another local bookstore says online shopping doesn't effect them much either, simply because of customer loyalty.

Mitzi's Books on Main St. is a locally owned independent business with a storefront that does the work in attracting its customers.
When the tourists season slows down and holiday season approaches, they say they can always count on their regular faces ...

Mary Ackland from Mitzi's Books says, "We're lucky because we have really loyal customers here in town and they still shop with us at Christmas."

... and that coming in a store makes all the difference in a customer's experience.

"You can tell the book lovers when they come in the store because they all talk about it smells like book in here, they want to be able to open up and look at what they're buying so that makes a huge difference over buying something online and clicking a couple of buttons," she continues.

The National Retail Federation says that people will spend overall more than $675 billion during the holidays this year.