Black Hills Fox Business: Electrical Services & Family Business Award

One company says it's "big enough to get the job done, yet small enough to care."

Swiftec is an electrical contractor that first opened in 2005. and they're getting ready to open the doors to its new location. Servicing Rapid City and surrounding areas, the company does both residential and commercial work and prides itself on offering customers efficient and quality service on each project. Owners say the expansion comes with the desire to meet the needs of a growing population.

Travis Swift, President and Owner says, "The community is growing and with that allows us to, I guess keep us busy. There's a lot of projects coming up even going into the Fall here. I think it's actually turned out very well for alot of companies and we've been blessed to be in this area.

Aaron Meyers, Vice President and Owner, says "One thing we do different is we offer communications cabling, fiber optic cabling, as well as the electrical side. We do service work, residential, so we offer a wide variety.

Swiftec will celebrate an initial grand opening for its new location on Friday at 1 p.m at 1714 Creek Drive.

and one family business received a regional award for their generational service to Rapid City.

The Patnoe Family of Liberty Superstores was awarded the 2017 Coca-Cola Excellence in Family Business Award at the beginning of October.
They have been selling cars since 1931. Max Patnoe represents the fourth generation and serves as General Manager. He says he is proud to be considered for the award and carry out the legacy his grandfather began in the automobile industry many years ago.

Max Patnoe, General Manager of Liberty Superstores, says "It's really special and we're fortunate that the community supports us. We've got a great team of employees, some of which have been with us for multiple generations that we're hired by my grandfather that are still working for us today so the customers kind of get the same feeling as they've been buying cars 20, 30, 40 years ago as they do today."

Max Patnoe also says that although the generations may change, the values of Liberty always remain the same.