Black Hills Fox Business: Caramel and The Station on Main

With the holidays ... for some ... comes a sweet tooth.
One shop in Black Hawk says their seasonal orders are already flowing in.

"Apples are good for the body and caramel is good for the soul"

Caramel Creations is a family-owned business that opened back in 2008, selling not only their gourmet caramel dipped apples that are good for gift giving, but several other sweet treats and baked goods as well.

Lori Moore, owner, says "The business kind of created a life of its own and just took on more life and new ideas. We're always gearing our taste in the fall to fall flavors so our apples, right now we have holiday apples that look like pumpkins, that look like mummies. We go into more pumpkin flavors and fall flavors in our baked goods."

On top of their normal sales, Caramel Creations keeps busy in the season with wholesale supply, fundraising, catering and festivals. To get your hands on some of these goodies, you can give them a call at 791-4433 or check them out on Facebook.

and a new shop is breathing life into old-aged items.

After opening in 30 years ago, the owner decided to bring her business back home to Rapid City. The Station on Main Street sells furniture and other crafted antiques. The owner up-scales and paints the furniture herself, all to keep the prices of the items low.

Patty Danielson, owner, says "Just to repurpose items, instead of buying new all the time, it helps just recycling and gives it a new look and character, I think when you have age to items."

Danielson says her shop's presentation is always seasonsal and is always open to ideas.

The Station on Main is open one day per week on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.