New satellite and Black Hills severe storms covered at Rapid City NWS seminar

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The Rapid City National Weather Service hosted television meteorologists Thursday morning for a weather seminar.

Black Hills FOX meteorologists Taylor Nicolaisen and Jon Wilson were there to pick up on ideas to make better forecasts. Science and Operations Officer Matt Bunkers says the connection between the media and the local National Weather Service is critical.

Science & Operations Officer for NWS Rapid City Matthew Bunkers says, "It's really important for us at the Weather Service to collaborate with the media because it's a team effort. If we just issue a warning and it goes nowhere, it doesn't help anybody, but if we work with our media partners to get that message out so people know what's going on and they can actually take the appropriate action, that's really what our aim is for, is for the safety of everybody."

Black Hills severe storms and and the use of a new weather satellite were among the topics discussed at Thursday's seminar.