Black Hills FOX News: Tinder Box's Diamond Crown Lounge & Midwestern Mechanic Expands

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) - In a time where non-smoking legislation has affected where a person can enjoy a fine cigar, a Rapid City cigar shop is now home to one of the most exquisite cigars ever created.

Tinder Box on 7th Street in Downtown Rapid City is the 45th cigar shop in the United States to earn the title of "Diamond Crown Lounge."

The Diamond Crown Cigar comes from the J.C. Newman Cigar company, the oldest cigar manufacturer in the United States.

The privately-owned downtown lounge had to meet a few standards to become part of the prestigious club.

It had to have a unique mentality for customer service, possess a certain look, and now carry the Diamond Crown line, including its other brands such as MAXIMUS, Juliuis Caesar or Black Diamond.

Tinder Box owner Caroline Sharp says the new partnership proves to her that she can contend in the business of premium cigars.

'We sell the experience of being in our space, sitting down enjoying a cigar. maybe a drink, maybe just a soda. Visiting with friends, playing chess, playing cribbage, or listening to our live music. It's a different kind of experience," Sharp said.

Tinder Box will unveil its new Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge officially Friday, September 6 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Plumbing, heating, and now important more than ever, fire sprinklers.

One company has been doing it all for ten years and realized it is time for a bigger space.

Midwestern Mechanical began with 14 employees in Rapid City and now has close to 50.

More office space, storage, and parking spots are essential for the company now.

Their new floor plan will allow them to do pipework ahead of time, saving labor and shortening schedules.

"You don't want to be growing so fast you outgrow your facility consistently so we've had this floorplan laid out for a few years and it should suffice for 20-30 years for us. We're planning it big enough to grow into for a long time," said Brett Kaltvedt, branch manager.

Midwestern Mechanical plans to be in their new $5.5 million building located off Eglin Street by the end of July 2020.

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