Black Hills FOX Business: Valentine's Day brings in the big bucks

Valentine's Day is big! Wallethub projects the holiday to bring in 19.6 billion dollars this year. So exactly which businesses benefit from that impact?

Mostly Chocolates on Mt. Rushmore Road is one of them. With Valentine's Day being just a week away, the chocolate shop is getting ready to move its sweets out. In addition to providing their best-selling truffles, they will have baskets with wine from the Firehouse Brewing Company, chocolate covered wine bottles and one, two and three-pound assorted boxes of chocolate as well.

Nova Ross, sales at Mostly Chocolates says, "Chocolate is you know for everyone, it's very versatile, no matter you got milk, white chocolate, dark as well and coming into Mostly Chocolates, I think it's great because we either have boxes picked out for you or else you can go ahead and pick out whatever your significant other likes."

Mostly Chocolates encourages customers to come in before Valentine's Day to avoid the hassle and give yourself enough time to pick something out for that special someone.

Another blooming business for the holiday is the flower shop.

Victoria's Garden: A Floral Company is already witnessing the increase in their orders. They hire extra designers, drivers, and staff to help customers in shop. On an average day, the owner says she does 25 to 30 deliveries per day and on Valentine's Day, they will do 400 and that's not even counting the people who come to pick out the various looking and flexible-priced flower arrangements.

Vicki Bierman, owner of Victoria's Garden, says "It's alot of fun but it's alot of work but alot of fun. It affects the industry worldwide because farmers and suppliers really have to really gear up their crops for this time of year and be prepared to meet all of the florists needs."

Vicki says those delivering the flowers have the best part of the job because they get to see the joy being sent to the folks receiving them.