Black Hills FOX Business: Those 2 Girls LLC Cleaning & The Mothership Storage at Hay Camp

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - These two girls are making sure your home is sparkling clean when they leave it.

Susanne Renner and Michelle Noteboom have been friends for 15 years.

The two met while working for a cleaning company years ago, and made their way to another company focusing on construction.

After being left without a job, they decided to get out their own brooms and buckets and start a new business, reaching 32 clients in just one year.

"For me, the rewards are women and women with children, hard working, career, businesswomen, their lives are so busy and for anyone to walk into a house and have it cleaned, they don't have to worry," Renner said.

"Putting a smile on people's faces for sure and we love the fact that it is only us two girls and it will only ever be us to girls and we like people to know that," Noteboom added.

When they first go into a home, the pair will do a top to bottom first-time clean, and then give quotes for an arranged upkeep of the house.
They do residential, business, and commercial cleans.

In order to contact Those 2 Girls LLC Cleaning Company, you can find them on Facebook or give them a call at 605-858-3733 or 605-222-6142

In addition, one brewery is maximizing its space by offering other businesses and residences a place to store their belongings.

Located downtown in the basement of Hay Camp Brewing Company and its historical property, The Mothership offers configurable, secured keyfob access, and temperature controlled storage for downtown businesses and residents.

With chained-off sections ranging from 200 to 2000 square feet, The Mothership hopes to bring in long-term stores and is willing to work with short time needs.

Entrances include a loading dock for semis, two-ton lift elevator, and a ramp.

"About 37,000 square feet here and half of that is an underground parking garage that was built as part of the 1948 car dealership and having all that space we knew we needed to do something with it and downtown storage for businesses and residences seemed like a really good option for it," said Sam Papendick, co-owner of Hay Camp Brewing Company

For more information on pricing rates, call Hay Camp Brewery at 605-718-1167 or email them at