Black Hills FOX Business: Sweet Secrets Bakery & Holiday Travel

The wait is over for a new bakery on Mt. Rushmore Rd.,
Sweet Secrets Bakery is open and they're spilling all of the goods.

Offering a variety of different items from savory breakfast treats to sweet unique goodies, some even gluten free. You can go in and watch the chefs whip things up as they bake fresh every day.

Taylor Whittle, pastry chef and manager at Sweet Secrets, says "We have things that people have never even heard of, French macaroons, three-cheese Italian gourmet cheesecake, and there's no atmosphere like this anywhere for a bakery, so we have that atmosphere, we have the fresh goodies, and it's really inviting when you come in here."

Sweet Secrets is open Tuesday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. They are also hiring for cashiers.

and as you prepare to take flight for the holidays, there's a few things you should know just to be ahead of game.

Rapid City Regional says the amount of travelers is up 10% from Thanksgiving this year and that they' will see nearly 5,000 people taking off on aircraft for the holiday this week. Airport administration says when traveling, you should always plan early for the unexpected
for setbacks like long lines and other delays.

Toni Broom, deputy airport director for finance and administration, says "I know we have a reputation for having a quick checkpoint but early in the morning we can have as many as 200 people flying out at a time so we do recommend that passengers come at least 90 minutes to their scheduled departure. They have changed some of the screening requirements so any electronic device that's over a cell phone needs to be screened separately so they'll ask you to pull that in and put that in a bin unless you are part of the TSA pre-check program, that does not apply.

If you're traveling with gifts, make sure you don't wrap them just in case they need extra screening.