Black Hills FOX Business: Scobi Kombucha

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - In just six months, two young entrepreneurs from Black Hills State University have developed and released a product that is floating off shelves in Spearfish and Rapid City.

The idea behind Scobi Kombucha, a hand-crafted health beverage made with black tea and probiotic SCOBY, began in a college apartment kitchen.

Pitched by Bianca Hutzler and her partner Carissa Hauck, the vision later flourished out of Black Hills State's College of Business,

The small-batch company has already sold 40 gallons of the product having only Made it to the shelves only a week ago.

The product's creators say it supports both the digestive and immune systems. Scobi Kombucha comes in 16 and 32 oz. refillable bottles, with three different flavors.

Hutzler who serves as the CEO and SEMO for the company says she and her partner have accomplished so much, in so little time.

"We often times don't like really take it all in that we're actually in stores because we're so caught up in working. I think for us the most rewarding part is really to see how far we've come and to have that dream and then make that dream happen," she said.

Doing several tastings before launching and simply listing to customers and serving the product on tap, one of Hutlzer's professors says she and Scobi are a prime example of what pioneering looks like.

"It's exciting I mean, I really push in my class to take risks and that this is the time in your life where you actually have less to lose and so take the risk now and it's great to see a student who says yeah, I'll do that,' said Jeff Wehrung, chair for the School of Business.

Scobi Kombucha can be found at Breadroot Natural Foods Co-Op in Rapid City.