Black Hills FOX Business: Pokorny Chiropractic Clinic & SD Entrepreneur of the Year

Published: Apr. 23, 2018 at 5:23 PM MDT
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A new chiropractor in town has sprung up and is adding to her family's legacy.

"we're all chiropractors, this is my grandpa, my dad, my brother and my cousin."

Dr. Chantel Pokorny is proud to be the first female to practice in that lineage. She began adjusting patients two years ago.

Pokorny says she interned under her father and brother who she learned much from.

She graduated last June and is now the proud owner of her own practice Pokorny Chiropractic Clinic here in Rapid City where she hopes to give patients another option.

"Instead of you know taking a pill for that or medication for this or medication for that, it brings another option for people, it's something that's more natural less invasive and it's actually pretty pain free, painless, to have it done and there's alot of things that chiropractic can help patients with," said Pokorny.

Pokorny Chiropractic Clinic is always accepting new patients. You can give them a call or contact them on social media.

A huge honor for one associate professor at the School of Mines as he was named the South Dakota Entrepreneur of the year.

Dr. Christian Widener started working at the school in 2010 on advanced materials and metals deposition, and specifically looking at repair and refurbishment on campus and helping to commercialize research. Widener's also the chief technology officer and co-founder of VRC Metal Systems that began in 2013, a company that designs and manufactures cold spray equipment and advanced manufacturing systems, saving costs and money.

"Sometimes that's a very small area that's broken or it's just worn out and in many cases, there's not a way to add that medal back in and then the only thing you can do is just recycle, melt that part down and remake it but what we can go onto a finished part that has a small area of damage, respray the medal on that's just as strong as the base medal, re machine it back to its original dimension and make that part like new again," said Widener.

Dr. Widener says he and his partners' company and work has created many jobs which is what their vision lies on, something that would not have been possible without the state's investment and support.

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