Black Hills FOX Business: New Year's fitness resolution

More walking, more running, and lifting weights are just some of the things most people will kick off their year with. Planet Fitness in Rapid City talks about not only getting people to come into the gym, but keeping them their as well.

Alan Oberg, general manager for Planet Fitness, says "New Year, new me, new you, we see probably 30-40% increase like most gyms do but one of the great things about Planet Fitness is because of the fun welcoming atmosphere, we definitely see that last longer.

Aside from the increase in traffic at Planet Fitness around this time of the year, for those that come in on a regular basis, staff says they'll usually add more time to their workout plan.

They say things you can do to stay motivated include ...

Oberg says, "Find yourself a workout buddy, it's been proven scientifically that it helps people stick to their resolutions for almost double the amount of time."

A new expansion at Planet Fitness came just in time for the new year and management says that goes along with their mission to make members feel comfortable, welcomed, and keeping them on the right track.

Oberg continues, "We love to encourage our members, we ask them what their goals are, and we'll follow up with them, we'll encourage them, hey how far are you down, are you down ten pounds. "Hey, good job!"

With the cardio and weight machines being the main attraction on the gym floor, Planet Fitness says they invite people to check out their classes and the many other facilities it has to offer.

Through January 10, Planet Fitness is offering it's $10 basic membership and Black Cards membership, which is without commitment, both for $1.

It will be one dollar to sign up for Planet Fitness's $10 dollar basic membership and its black card membership that is no commitment.