Black Hills FOX Business: Nerdy Nuts & Caramel Creations opens in Rushmore Mall

Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 10:07 AM MDT
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One family's kitchen has become a money-making machine and it's all because of something many of us have in our cabinets, peanut butter.

"Nerdy Nuts" is the name of the small batch peanut butter company.

Primarily on Facebook and occasionally at the Farmer's Market, owner Erika Peterson says the response to the homemade snack has been through the roof.

She said the goal is to expand the company to have the peanut butter stocked in local grocery stores and markets.

"We just bought a peanut butter grinder for ourselves one day because we really love it, started giving it to friends and family and they took to it like crazy so we just launched it to some people in the city like posting it on our Facebook and stuff and now it's really grown into like what can we do to find new flavors that families want to come here and buy," Peterson said.

Sweet to savory flavors, they make everything from the classic honey roasted to white chocolate, pumpkin spice, and toffee. You can follow Nerdy Nuts on Facebook to order a batch or drop by the Farmer's Market for a sample.


A family we talked to in Fall 2017 about the tasty treats they bring to the Black Hills is wooing us again, but this time from their new storefront.

Busy is the word for Caramel Creations who just opened the doors to their new shop in Rushmore Mall.

The family-owned business known for their caramel-covered cinnamon rolls and gourmet apples started in the mall years ago with a little kiosk. Years later, they have a space that fulfills all their needs.

"We're already getting so much more foot traffic compared to being in Black Hawk and the kitchen space that we have to work with is much more fluid and efficient for the productivity that we are going to need," said Elizabeth Dill.

In the front of the store you can check out products by local businesses and artists in the community and in the back, the family whipping up their tasty creations.

"We are making english toffee now. We have fudge several different varieties of fudge. Our brownies alone have expanded into five different types. Our shortbreads, we have cherry, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, peach, all of our lines are just getting to be a little bit more complex," said Lori Moore.

The list goes on. Caramel Creations also opened a store on the Ellsworth Airforce Base to serve the servicemen and servicewomen and purchased Dakota Pride from Colonial House.