Black Hills FOX Business: Mary's Mountain Cookies and 5th and Main Furniture by Freed's

Published: Oct. 29, 2018 at 4:38 PM MDT
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One family of cookie lovers is bringing back memories of grandma's house, and taking customers to a what they're calling "a place of no worries."

Mary's Mountain Cookies sits at 526 6th Street in the heart of Downtown Rapid City.

The McHaffey family picked up the venture after living in Colorado where the 32-year-old company was founded.

The family says they create about 60 of their quarter pound cookies an hour.

The cookies' unique names, "Abe's Favorite" for example, are based on different unique locations throughout the Black Hills.

With their "buy six, get two free" deal, and a friendly environment, this family hopes to leave a good taste in your mouth.

"Each time somebody comes in the door, they're just like 'wow these cookies', they're like I love this atmosphere, this is just so neat in here. Honestly, it's paint on the walls, some hard work to like scrub the floors and so you create an atmosphere that people want to come back to where they feel like I did the first time I went in," said Julie Mahaffey, co-owner of Mary's Mountain Cookies.

To contact the shop, you can check them out on Facebook at Mary's Mountain Cookies Rapid City or visit their website

After Freed's Fine Furnishings went up in flames in Summer 2017, the owners decided to make some changes, which turned into an entire remodel and rebranding.

"5th and Main Furniture by Freed's" is the new name of the store sitting downtown at 430 Main St.

The store is comprised of the best lines from its old name, Furniture Mart, and the best lines from the old Freed's.

Owners say many of the staff was retained from the Freed's store

and they hope to keep innovating and pleasing their loyal customer base.

'We hope that people will walk away with just kind of an odd experience. We are constantly striving to find new products to bring into our stores and to change out those products frequently so that the customer can come in one day and then the next day come in and something new will be here so we plan to offer a lot of different merchandise that will change frequently but above all else we want to offer great customer service," said Erin Krueger, vice president of Freed's Fine Furnishings.

The inside of the store is complete but you will notice the outside under construction. That project is set to be finished in November 2018..