Black Hills FOX Business: Hersruds sells to Liberty Supertores and Sojourn Vacation Rentals

Published: Jul. 23, 2018 at 5:07 PM MDT
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It is a car lot that has been in business for more than 100 years, and now the premier Chevrolet dealership is changing hands.

Hersruds of Sturgis came to life in 1910. The store originally began selling agriculture equipment and later expanded sales to include automobiles.

After running the business for several years and searching for someone who could take on the legacy, third generation grandson David Hersruds finally decided to sell.

He made a deal with local automobile mogul Liberty Superstores, because of the similar values the Patnoe family has to his own family.

Hersruds says Liberty will increase inventory on the lot but most things, including staff, will remain the same.

He says it's always been a business for the people and they're what he will miss the most.

"Sturgis is a wonderful town. It's been very very very good to us over the years as western South Dakota has been to the family. I'll miss the employees, I'll miss the customers, being able to sit down and talk with them. You build one and one relationships, I'll miss those," said David Hersrud, owner.

Hersruds said although he's leaving the lot, he will still be around in the community.

He says people can expect the crossover in August.

A pair of business owners in Rapid City are still giving folks a more modern place to stay and it is helping them save money.

The old complex sitting on Mount Rushmore Road is a hotel no more.

"These old motor lodges really have a lifespan so the building was nearing its useful life. We had to make a major investment in the property or just continue to let it go downhill," said Peter Schmid, owner.

Schmid and his wife decided to take two hotel rooms and convert them into one kitchenette unit with a separate bedroom and market and operate the space as a vacation rental.

"People will have more of a space to relax, sit down and cook a meal at the end of the day and It's a lot easier for us to manage," Schmid continued.

Schmid says converting to a vacation rental certainly helps cut costs.

There is no continental breakfast., the front desk is not staffed 24/7, and there is not a daily room turn because the room operates as an apartment. Hey says it is a good location and the perfect option for extended stay.

To book with Sojourn Vacation Rental, you can visit