Black Hills FOX Business: Harry's Spaghetti Western Restaurant and Sled Haus

Published: Jul. 16, 2018 at 8:16 PM MDT
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One business owner might have taken over a local restaurant in Deadwood but he is making sure the legacy of the place remains the same.

Harry's Spaghetti Western first belonged to Harry Daniels, a long time famous local who owned a local radio station and is originally from Italy.

Daniels passed away in 2002 leaving the business to his children, who then passed it on to its new owner Joseph Garza just four months ago.

Harry's menu is simplistic, offering three different kinds of pasta, and a sauce and meat of your choice. Garza says it is a traditional recipe he wouldn't change for the world.

"Traditional meat sauce that was served every Sunday to his family for years and years. I found that it was real important not important not to touch the recipes and to provide that great service and the great food that he must have served every Sunday, and said Joseph Garza, owner of Harry's Spaghetti Western.

You can also order "spumoni" ice cream -- a sweet treat consisting of chocolate, cherry, and pistachio flavors. Harry's is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 to 9. They will also be opening next week for summer lunch.

Another unique spot located in Lead that's giving us all the German feels.

The Sled Haus has been in the Northern Hills since 2014. It is owned and operated by a German himself and his wife. Michael and Beth Staeckler could not show us the kitchen because their recipes are top secret but we did get to check it out and it tastes like it is straight out of Mike's family kitchen. The couple says when folks stop by, he wants them to really take in the experience.

"Atmosphere, good food, good drink, yeah pretty much. Just have a good time, relax. We're kind of anti-social media. Put your cell phone down. No TV's a just kick back relax, and enjoy the atmosphere, the food, and the music," said Michael.

The Happy Wanderers, a 9-piece German band, will play at the Sled Haus at their annual Oktoberfest from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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