Black Hills FOX Business: Graceful Touch Massage Therapy & Stock Show Recap

Published: Feb. 4, 2019 at 5:15 PM MST
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One couple in the Black Hills are using their hands to uplift people.

After checking his blood pressure one day, Guy Siverson noticed an abnormality and decided something needed to change.

His wife Irene was encouraged by her friends and relatives after giving them massages and later decided to pursue an education in it.

With one another's help and support, the couple opened Graceful Touch Massage Therapy.

The massage therapists offer Swedish, deep tissue, and an even more in-depth, lymph massages, for people in need of restorative treatment.

"Now I'm able to help people even more with the knowledge that I've learned then what I was before just giving them a massage," said Irene Siverson, co-owner and massage therapist with Graceful Touch.

"I like to see people out of pain but I tell you what, it gives me a huge satisfaction just to know when people leave my office, I too am actually doing something for them. I'm contributing to their success in wellness and that is huge for me," continued Guy Siverson, co-owner and massage therapist with Graceful Touch

Graceful Touch is part of a larger network, Massage Advantage, that empowers the ability to have affordable massages nationwide.

To contact them or book a massage, you can stop in the Fountain of Youth Water Store at 601 Mt. Rushmore Rd. #3A, give them a call, or visit

Things are all said and done for the 2019 Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo.

The event, typically bringing in between 250,000 and 300,000 thousand people, saw a difference this year with adverse weather.

Despite frigid temperatures, the show still went on.

The Ranch Rodeo only dropped a few percentage points.

Both Broncs for Breakfast and the Boots for Beer Festival increased in attendance.

General Manager Ron Jeffries said cattle sales at the Stock Show held their own making consigners very happy and noticed that in the embryo sale, most customers were purchasing reproductive packages online.

Also breaking a record for the Chancy Williams Concert, Jeffries says 2019 made for another successful run in business and fun.

"You know the core of what makes the stock show go is the cattle and the horses. That's what brings people here, once you develop that nucleus of consigners, then you have reasons for other vendors that are affiliated with those industries to start showing up once they start showing up, then you get more trade show people showing up because you're building a bigger and bigger crowd," Jeffries said.

If you would like a full schedule of events coming up and results from the 2019 Rodeo, you can visit