Black Hills FOX Business: Dakota Point Brewing & Thrive Adventure Gear

Published: Jun. 18, 2018 at 5:28 PM MDT
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A new brewery in the area is bringing a new craft beer experience to the scene but also incorporating traditional style with a little history.

Dakota Point Brewing brings to life the substation of what used to be a power plant and what many people know as the Old Landstrom's building. With an industrial interior, the brewery has nine beers on its menu, two of which are served on a British serving style --- the cask.

Uniquely conditioned, cask beer is fermented and separated to only produce a natural carbonation. When served, it is pumped out of the cask, as you can see here, instead of being pushed by a carbon dioxide and nitrogen mix as draft beer is produced.

"It's a little bit smoother and creamier and you can actually compare it because we've got the same beers being served on draft and cask at the same time. We'd encourage everybody to give it a try. It's a little bit warmer serving temperature as well which actually helps with the flavor profile and you can actually taste the entire beer," said Neal Schlottman, founder and managing member of Dakota Point Brewing.

The head brewer at Dakota Point Brewing says their goal is to "not re-invent the wheel but make a really great one" and that is what they plan to do for the Black Hills with their traditional style ales. The brewery also added an outdoor seating area to compliment the summer weather.

One adventure store is going the extra mile to be a driving force for the community.

Last year, Thrive Adventure Gear opened their doors as a resale store selling donated sports and adventure gear at affordable prices. However, they are more than just your average retail store because they are a ministry of Love INC of the Black Hills with a mission to give back to the community. One of their programs is Vision Bikes, in which people can get a bike for just $20, or two hours of volunteering.

They will even repair the bike for you while you are using it.

Dan Linde, program director for Thrive, said they are also a youth service agency teaching teenagers life skills like goal setting, completing school, career readiness, and becoming leaders.

"I want to help teenagers succeed, that's where my heart's at. So we created a vehicle for them to learn how to operate in a retail environment and learn employer expectations in a really safe, loving, caring environment," he said.

On July 21, Thrive will host a 24 hour trail race on M Hill and is set to moving to their new headquarters at Love INC. on Omaha St.

Linde said the goal is to expand Thrive so they can see more kids in Rapid City flourish and find a home.

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