Black Hills FOX Business: Cory's Point S Tire & Auto Service and second Scooter's Coffee

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Nearly a month ago, Cory's Point S Tire & Auto Service opened its doors at 1700 Camden Drive in Rapid City. Owners say they outgrew their old facility on Campbell Street over the last ten years.

They say they were seeing a minimum of 1200 cars per month and simply no longer had enough space.

Already pulling in new clientele and hosting brand new equipment, Owner Cory Brown says he hopes to bring something more unique to the auto maintenance experience.

"It's very much different than a traditional metal building shot feel. It's very retail oriented. It's a very comfortable and friendly place to come in and it's very open and inviting. You can see the guys working on your car. There's no question about what got done or how quick it's going to be finished. You can see the mechanic working on the car," Brown said.

Under the large buying group, Point S, the store will soon be able to purchase a call center for overflow calling and host a feature on their website for live chats.

In addition, a familiar coffee shop in Rapid City expanded and this time, it is inviting customers inside.

The second Scooter's Coffee located at 3850 Eglin St. out near the Valley opened early December. In addition to the fresh location, the new store hosts indoor seating for folks to host meetings or study, offering retail merchandise, and an opportunity to see a larger staff actually making your drink.

"It's a completely different animal here. The other one is a drive-through kiosk. it's very tight on the inside. There's not a lot of space, there's not a lot of free movement. It's designed for coffee but this one ... it's sit down, it's a quieter environment. It seems a little more relaxed in here," said Charles Klode, manager.

Starting in the New Year, you can stop by for a sea salt carmalicious or "build a better latte," as the company brings on alternative milk to help "build a better you."