Black Hills FOX Business: Classy Brain & Rice's Rushmore Motorsports

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 5:48 PM MDT
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A new digital marketing company in town is helping businesses and people "be seen and be heard" across the web.

Classy Brain is based out of Colorado Springs and recently brought its expertise to Rapid City.

The company specializes in search engine optimization, Adwords, and Facebook advertisements in addition to print and graphic design.

Craig Mount, president of Classy Brain says beyond those things, however, is the importance of educating both buyers and sellers....and bridging a gap with knowledge.

"We're just trying to get people up to speed on what's going on. There's so much that changes anymore with algorithm updates, terms of service changes, even legislation updates like General Data Protection (GDPR) right, just recently. There's so much that business owners need to know and we look at our role as kind of helping them understand that," Mount said.

If you are interested in learning a thing or two for your business, Classy Brain will be starting classes at Computer Village on Sept. 19.

To learn more, you can visit them at or on Facebook and Youtube.

This new building could not have opened up at a better time: right before the start of this year's Rally season, earlier this month.

Rice's Rushmore Motorsports is all settled in at its new location and seems to be doing well.

Management says the project had been a longtime vision for the company. They wanted to create a facility that cooperated with the Sturgis Rally yet also worked with the local community.

Because many of their products are getting larger, they say it was necessary to expand. Rice's has tripled the size of the store with 58,000 square feet allowing them to showcase more merchandise without sending customers outside to deal with inclement weather.

General Manager Wade Rice says the customer experience is what they are striving for.

"It did save us some labor time moving stuff in and out every day so that our employees liked but really the customer's experience. They can come in and look at some of these accessorized vehicles, get in and out of them in an air-conditioned showroom. It's just a better presentation to the customers," said Wade Rice, general manager of Rice's Rushmore Motorsports.

Rice says the company have seen increase sales in three-wheelers and are glad that their showroom is able to accommodate them.