Black Hills FOX Business: Roots Full-Service Salon & Rapid Building Solutions on egress basement windows

PIEDMONT & RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Two women in Piedmont, South Dakota hope to bring a fresh perspective to the hair care industry with their new salon.

Roots Full-Service Salon is the work of Kadi Mcfadden and Ariel Smith who met in cosmetology school last March.

The pair developed skills doing hair, waxing, and nails and decided to bring their expertise to the smaller community of Piedmont.

They say they are hoping to give people an edgy option closer to home.

"We thought it would kind of bring the community together instead of having to run into Rapid. There are so many different ways that people can do hair. As younger girls doing it, I think we can kind of bring more ... just inspiration to the industry," McFadden said.

To make an appointment, you can visit their website, check them out on Facebook, or give them a call at 308-880-0604. The full-service salon is looking to expand.

One man's motto is to be a one-stop solution for a special type of window.

Brad Johnson, the owner of Rapid Building Solutions, recognized a need for someone who specializes in egress basement window installations and decided to take the lead and offer the service to the community.

Johnson says egress windows do a couple of things.

They bring in natural light to the dark and gloomy basement.

Egress windows also add value to a home. After adding the feature, a room becomes up to code and is counted as a bedroom when a house is being sold.

"Egress windows give a level of safety to a home that isn't there previously with the little ones and it gives people the opportunity to get out if there's an emergency or rescue personnel to get it if there's an emergency," Johnson said.

To contact Rapid Building Solutions, you can reach Johnson at 605-787-2125 or email him at