Black Hills FOX Business: A good sound and a good seat for Sturgis Rally

Published: Aug. 6, 2018 at 6:12 PM MDT
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If you are riding on one, or walking through the streets of Sturgis listening to one, the sound of a motorcycle is one of those things that makes the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

At Dragonfly Cycle Concepts, a shop out from California, when riders come in for audio enhancements, they're generally looking for a kit that is going to be louder and cleaner than what's already on their bike, or to repair a part that was installed incorrectly somewhere else.

President Kevin Martin says the company has been in business for 16 years and that quality components on your bike are critical for good sound, and allowing your ride to undergo pressure from the exhaust.

He says it's a business that's forever changing.

"It kind of goes with a flow, it's kind of ever evolving so there's something new coming out all the time to answer for what the people are looking for because the car market's always changing so the people have cars, they have bikes, they want the music to be the same on their bike," said Kevin Martin, president of Dragonfly Concepts.

Dragonfly says his most popular kit is their Stage 3 -- which has one amp and one pair of speakers.

They will be rocking your wheels out at Sturgis Rally until Sunday August 11.

What else do you need to take the ride of your life this rally season? A nice comfortable seat.

Air Hawk and Danny Gray are back letting people know about their motorcycle air cushions.

They have a new diamond stitch pattern and a suspension system within the seat that allows a rider to ride for longer periods with less fatigue and pain. Acting presidents say it's a seasonal business and in it's downtime, they are innovating to supply things like this year's medically proven overlay pad.

"Getting you lower profile in the motorcycle, more integrated in the motorcycle and then of course there is also the comfort features that are very important so we're all about where style meets comfort, designs ergonomics, that's very important in our industry."

There you have it, something to make your bike sound good and comfortable.