Black Hills FOX Business: Vegan Ice Cream & Bellies to Babies

Published: May. 21, 2018 at 5:34 PM MDT
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Whether you're a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan, a new ice cream parlor opened up today that says they have something on their menu for everyone.

"Most of the products on the market now taste like almond or cashew or coconut and I wanted something that tastes like real dairy," said Paul Jarvis, owner of DeVine Delights.

That is exactly what Jarvis did. He discovered the unique treat in his previous job while developing non-dairy ice cream for guests.

He began to tinker around with a number of flavors and eventually came up an initial base that he and his wife Kim will now woo customers with at their new ice cream parlor and deli. The Jarvis's say they are optimistic and excited to be tapping into a market that hasn't been hit recently and encourage everyone to give their ice cream at least a sample.

"Try it. We have a carnivore. We just hired a gentleman that's a carnivore and we gave him, made up our dishes yesterday, gave samples. He couldn't believe it was vegan, it's that good," said Kim Jarvis.

DeVine Delights is located on the first floor of the Turnac Tower downtown and is open from 8 a to 5 daily now. In the future, they hope to extend their hours for breakfast and add take-home dinners to their menu as well.

One new business owner used her own motherly experience to make life a bit easier for soon to be mothers

Michelle Millard is a mother of four and says after each pregnancy, her husband would get rid of her maternity clothes. It started to get expensive purchasing new clothes so she shopped online to find used ones and came across Bellies to Babies. She has now franchised her own store in Rapid City selling more than 2000 items in all sizes and brands for all seasons, everything an expecting mother needs to look good but also save a pretty penny.

"Maternity clothes are just so expensive and when you are only wearing them for a few short months of that time frame, why not buy used or save the difference or you can use that towards stuff for the baby or other things for the baby or other things that can be helpful," said Michelle Millard, owner of Bellies to Babies.

If any mother has maternity items they would like to pass on, Millard says they can stop by into to Bellies to Babies anytime. Their hours can be found at or check them out on Facebook.

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