Black Hills FOX Business: Dunn Brothers Relocation & Physical Therapy in Black Hawk

One local coffee shop has made a move and is now open for business.

Dunn Brothers Coffee is now located at 405 Canal St. in the old Landstrom's building. With an expanded layout, the new coffee house offers more parking, easier access to its drive through and new items on its menu.
The owner says based off the turnout of today's opening,
she can tell the community is happy about the new location.

Diane O'Connor, owner, says "Everybody's really excited! They love the space, they love the bright area, the views of M Hill, the parking, the food, they're excited that we've also added our food platform. You know people enjoy their coffee with their friends, with their family so essentially it's just a tool that's used to create and foster that community."

In addition to the many coffee options and other beverages served at Dunn Brothers, breakfast and lunch deli sandwiches that are made in house are also available for order.The owner says customers can look forward to an outside patio for warmer weather.

Two registered physical therapists took their specialty to a certain area to be more available to patients.

Cody Young and Todd Stock wanted to have a location
where they could service the I-90 corridor communities of Black Hawk, Summerset and Piedmont. Peaceful Pines Physical Therapy offers general outpatient physical therapy options including post-operative and general injuries. Only having been open for a month now, the owners say their schedules are looking good.

Cody Young, owner, says "It's been 4 weeks since we opened and I think you know as far as the schedule shows right now you know we're getting a good response. I think the people in the community are reaching out to us and we're obviously continuing to reach out to them and so far, it's going really well."

Aside from the services offered at the clinic, owners say the community can always stop in for a free consultation.

Todd Stock, owner, continues "Sometimes people are just injured and they're wondering where they should go and so they can always stop in and visit. We might be able to tell them that therapy is the first stop possibly the need to see the orthopedist."

The clinic is located off the Peaceful Pines Exit in Black Hawk.