Black Hills Business: SDPB in the heart of Rapid City and Local FedEx

For a while, Vermillion was the only home of South Dakota Public Broadcasting, but that has all changed.

Their new bureau and creative space is located at 415 Main Street.
With the new space, SDPB hired more content producers
and intends to increase the creative content for and about the Black Hills.

With an open floor plan, a new production and conference room,
with help from the friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting,
the network hopes to get more acquainted with the people it serves.

Julie Overgaard, Executive Director of SDPB says, "The people that enjoy public broadcasting is often us talking to them and we wanted to create a space where they can also talk to us, and we can actually meet the people that we serve so we wanted a space that would allow for community engagement, for TED-style talks, for film screenings, for musicians to come in and perform and to be able to produce that live out of Rapid City."

South Dakota Public Broadcasting is looking ahead to creating unique programming specific to Rapid City, hosting a radio show, and opening its doors to the public for various film screenings.

One local ground shipping owner has been named a FedEX Ground Entrepreneur of the Year.

Michael Johnson is the owner of Black Hills Transfer, a company contracted under FedEX Ground. Serving Rapid City for three years, his company received the honor for being committed to efficiency, safety, and service to several non-profit organizations. With a 14-vehicle fleet and about 13 employees, Johnson says he couldn't do it without the work of the people at his side.

Michael Johnson, owner of Black Hills Transfer Inc., says "It's a great honor and not just for myself, but for my employees. It's a very proud moment for them because they're the ones that get it done every day, they're the ones that are out there meeting those safety requirements and providing excellent service to our customers and without safety and without service we'll never have success."

Black Hills Transfer is one of two national winners for pickup and delivery and they're gearing up to get those packages out for the busy holiday season.