Black Hills Business Report: Gramma's Delicacies

Published: Jun. 5, 2017 at 6:24 PM MDT
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She's adding spice to the Black Hills.

Beverly has been cooking up Jamaican cuisine since she was 14-years-old.

And she's taking the taste of the islands to the Black Hills.

Beverly Angelique Mills said "A lot of good Jamaican restaurants here are hard to find, so I thought it was the ideal opportunity to offer this cuisines to Black Hills residents."

Now she's taking her cooking on the road with Gramma's Delicacies food truck.

And Gramma's Delicacies is just one of many trucks popping up across the Hills.

Beverly said "People want variety - and every food truck offers something, which is wonderful."

Beverly's menu lists everything from Jamaican jerk chicken to Creole gumbo.

Beverly said "And it's spicy. But, of course, for this area - I tone it down quite a bit to make it mild. But if you want it spicy, spice it up no problem."

The cook actually comes from England - her cuisine is an English fusion mixed with her husband's Louisiana background and parent's Jamaican heritage.

Beverly said "Combine all three and you come up with our cuisines."

And she says her cooking is all from scratch.

Her seasonings are also all homemade and she sells barbecue sauces wholesale across the region.

But this duo says it's the customers that kick their business up a notch.

Reuben 'Joe' Mills said "Really it's meeting a lot of different, interesting people. Friendly people."

The food truck rolled into business a couple months ago.

You can find their locations on Facebook.

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