Black Hills Fox Business: Real Estate & energy during winter

As time passes, more people are renting their living spaces,
according to a study done by the Urban Institute. but does that affect the real estate market here in the Black Hills? Not so much.

The study shows that single-family rentals have gone up 30% within the last three years. However, one realtor says since the Black Hills doesn't have many homes for sale, home sellers have the upper hand when a good bit of people are looking to fill those spaces. She says there's no doubt that this is a high housing market that may come as a shock to the people locating here for various reasons.

Emily Tupa, realtor, says "Still even among renters, there's a pride of ownership in that you have a house and there's also the knowledge that you have something building you equity that's going to be favorable for you monetarily."

She says on the flip side of things, people shouldn't be afraid when looking to purchase a home.

and It's that time of the year when it gets colder and a question most people have is, "Will my electricity bill go up?"

Veronica Kusser, marketing manager at West River Electric, says "With winter coming on, you can expect your utility bills to be higher, even if you're heating your home with gas, the charge of the fan has to be used by the electricity. Those who heat with electric, we encourage you if you don't already to have a heat meter on there to get a reduced rate for your heat usage."

West River Electric says some of the things you can do to save energy is set your home at a temperature and leave it there.
Put an extra blanket on the bed, put on an extra layer of clothing and keep the doors shut. They also say to make sure your home is well-insulated, and use the energy efficiencies that are available to you.

West River says some of these things, you can even do year-round to avoid high costs. You can visit for energy tool and tips.