Black Hills Business: FullSend Ski Company

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RAPID CITY, S.D., (KEVN)- A ski design company is trying to help skiers find the right kind of gear. "...(our skis are) a little bit more customize-able, so basically, instead of you picking out which pre-manufactured skis work for you, can test out how the skis can fit you," says Doug Bachand, the owner of FullSend Ski Company in Rapid City.

FullSend Ski Company designs skis individually

Doug Bachand knows all the little things that make a difference, "waist width, turning radius, and like, tip and tail taper," Bachand says, "just all sorts of... it's a weird mix of engineering and art."

Bachand's major at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology also taught him how to manufacture things more effectively and safely. Currently, his office is located at the School's Ascent Innovation Center, where he can build this startup right here in the Black Hills, where his passion belongs.

"I don't think they're ever going to get me back to Pierre, just because there aren't many mountains there, a little flat."

Bachand also enlisted his cousin's talent in this company. The artistic cousin hand-draws all the designs on the ski boards.

If anyone is interested in having skis designed by them, you can check out the link here on the right panel, or call 605-222-9031.