Black Hills Business: Freeplay Tech

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RAPID CITY, S.D., (KEVN)- If anyone wants to hold that childhood memory in their hands again, a local company can help you do just that.

"My company sells under the name Freeplay Tech...," says the co-founder of Freeplay Tech, Ed Mandy.

With Freeplay Tech products, people can build a gaming console with a classic look, but equipped with modern technology.

"Kind of like the classic car market, where they might want their car to look original, but maybe have a new modern engine under the hood,
and that's what our system does, modern computing system inside,
but it looks like an old retro gaming system."

While the old system can only run one game at a time, this system runs faster and processes a lot more games. And instead of the bulky cartridge in the original Gameboy, Ed Mandy says, their model uses "the micro SD card, holds the whole operating system and anything you want to put on there."

Started by two South Dakota School of Mines and Technology alumni, Freeplay Tech now has fans across the globe.

"We've shipped a couple to Russia, a lot of people in Australia, even like Korea and China..."

Users everywhere have shared how they built their portable gaming console, with the company's kit.

"You can customize it anyway you want, you can put any software you want on it, that's kind of the point of our name Freeplay Tech, it's technology you are free to do whatever you want with," says Ed Mandy.

If interested, please go to their website to browse their products. Link is included on this page.