Black Hills Business: Dakota South Records

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 10:17 PM MST
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It's not everyday you see the streets of Rapid City showing up on a hip hop music video. Brandis Knudsen, the artist and the president of Dakota South Records, has been working on adding a hip hop flair to the Black Hills. Growing up on the reservation in South Dakota, he's listened to a wide range of music, but a life event prompted him getting into rap music.

"In 2007 I lost a very close friend of mine.... Tomorrow is not promised and our jokes about growing up wanting to be a rapper...that moment I thought he didn't have the opportunity to pursue the dream."

So he started the company, Dakota South Records, and has since produced many songs that show off his home state.

"There's kind of a .. you know.. a void here, there hasn't been any real breakout artists from South Dakota yet, so I do feel like this is kind of a spot where record labels are going to be looking for artists, looking for kind of the next big thing because almost any region has had their breakout stars, I think it's just any day for South Dakota," says Knudsen.

Dakota South Records is also bringing out new local artist.

"Bud Holly has a concert coming out this Friday. Damon Perry is going to be singing National Anthem at the Rush game January 26th."

Knudsen believes that the Black Hills has potential for fresh voices, and will keep bringing out more local artists.

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