Black Hills Business: CSL Plasma

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN)- CSL Plasama is a global biotech firm that has chosen Rapid City to be its first location in South Dakota. "The role of CSL Plasma really is to collect plasma from our donor, and that plasma is to create different types of medication, for people with immune deficiencies, we also use it for burn, shock, traumas..," explains Brendon Sato, the center manager for CSL Plasma, who also has a background in medical laboratory science.

"So our team is comprised of phlebotomists, we have reception techs, we have processing techs, we also have medical staff on hand, who will perform the physicals," Sato says. Although people are donating in order for a good cause-- they are compensated for their time.
You can come back 2 times in a 7-day period, if you meet all those goals for each month, you can earn up to $400," Sato adds.

CSL Plasma wants people to know, you can become someone else's "angel" by donating plasma.