Black Hawk Volunteer Fire Department sets fire to car for public and growth

BLACK HAWK, S.D. (KEVN) - The Black Hawk Volunteer Fire Department responded to a simulated car fire with a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. A few of the firefighters who have recently passed their exams were able to put their skills to the test, successfully extinguishing the fire. Lieutenant Joshua Williams says this demonstration was for the public to witness the passion these men and women have for the communities safety. he shares some tips on what you can do to keep you and your car safe from the spark.

"Oil changes, big one. Making sure you have good all-hazard road tires, keep them pressurized to the correct amount. If anything doesn't seem quite right, investigate, take it to a mechanic, if not, it could lead to a car fire or a car accident," said Joshua Williams, Lieutenant for the Black Hawk Volunteer Fire Dept.

The department hosted other safety demonstrations including shelter deployment and car extraction.