Black Friday is no longer exclusive to Friday

For the first time, Herberger's opened at 11 a.m. as opposed to 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving, after looking at their competition and online shopping.
This year, the company is seeing if the new time makes a difference in sales. They gave out 200 gift cards to the first 200 customers
where people could luck up and get up to $500.

The General Manager says she's been at the store since 9 a.m. and enjoyed holding the door as the eager crowd made their way inside.

Susan, Montieth, General Manager of Herberger's says, "Everybody was just in a good mood. We had nobody trying to rush the doors. It was really funny, it was like a school line. They all came in, we were saying Happy Thanksgiving to each other, everyone was smiling talking about the weather so I think the weather made a part of it, but you know it's just suppose to be a good day."

For the first time and for the next two days, Herberger's will be taking 20% off of its cosmetics. The store won't close until tomorrow at 11 p.m.