Bjorkman and Johnson talk Agriculture during their campaign for U.S. House

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN) Tariffs are on the minds of folks in the agriculture industry and two of the candidates for the U.S. House tend to agree on an open market to help keep the industry afloat here in South Dakota.

Dusty Johnson, Republican candidate for U.S. House says, says, "Our South Dakota producers have to have access to markets. We export 4-billion dollars worth of beef, of corn, of soybeans in this state. 95 percent of the world's population lives outside of America's borders. That's our market. They want our products and we want to sell them to them. So I am going to be a strong voice in Washington D.C., day in and day out, to maintain that market access."

Tim Bjorkman, Democrat candidate for U.S. House says, " The trade war that is now burgeoning in which our American farmers, and cattleman, and hog producers, are being shoved onto the front lines of against their will. We've got a terribly soft farm economy right now. This is making it far worse. In my view, we need a congressman who will be willing to stand up and say that international trade under the constitution, belongs to Congress under article one section eight."

Dusty Johnson says he has read the entire Farm Bill and would work to get that passed and Tim Bjorkman says he will be a strong supporter for country of origin labeling.