Better weather conditions leave room for increase in car washes

After a long run of snowy road conditions and cold temperatures, people did not hesitate to hop in line to get their wheels cleaned in the sunshine Thursday.

Car washes all over the city were heavily occupied today. We went over to Super Tunnel Car Wash on E. Highway 44 to see how things were going on their end. Management shared some insight on why it's important to get your vehicle cleaned up after commuting through extreme weather conditions and how business is sure to increase for them because of it.

Jeremy Weich, district manager for Super Tunnel Car Wash, says "well firstly, it's important because of safety, We have to get the windshields clean front and rear and also your headlights and making sure you can see after hours in the dark. When the sun is out and the roads are trying, our increase in car counts will always go up and we'll stay busy until we get caught up getting the cars rinsed off."

Weich says for most people, their car is their pride and joy so they have no problem getting it washed. He also says keeping a vehicle clean can help its resale value. Super Tunnel Car Wash has two locations that are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.