Belle Fourche store owners thank Gov. Noem for not shutting down the state

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 7:02 PM MDT
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"We have travelers come through and walk in and say we are so grateful that you are open," says the owner of Olive Branch in Belle Fourche. Even though businesses in Belle Fourche were allowed to keep their doors open during the pandemic, many could still feel the impact. "We usually do a lot with the tuxedos for the proms but obviously with schools being cancelled that really put us behind on that part," says the business manager of Pete's Clothing and Hodge Bootery.

The nationwide economic slowdown has even affected one of the town's biggest industries. "The cattle market is not good right now so that really affects us," Pete's Clothing comments. "It's like 8 dollars in the grocery store to you to buy a piece of meat or something, those ranchers probably [would be] lucky if they get a dollar, 1.50 dollar a pound."

The Olive Branch and Pete's Clothing both feel thankful that South Dakota Governor has not shut down businesses. "I think we all need to be grateful that she gave us the opportunity to make informed decisions," the owner of Olive Branch says.

The local store owners are still being hopeful for a busy season-- Just like the messages on the sidewalk: "You can do anything," and "storms don't last forever."