Beer Stock Exchange takes over Main Street Square

People were filling up their cups at Main Street Square today
experiencing the 7th annual beer stock exchange and getting a chance to try more than 70 brews.

Megan Whitman, Executive Director of Main Street Square, says "It's interactive, you never quite know what to expect and
of course at some point just like in real life the stock market will crash."

It's a favorite of many local craft beer enthusiasts. The annual Bierborse at Main Street Square brings people together to celebrate the German culture with polka music, German cuisine, and the popular beer stock exchange where the price of beer varies from two to eight dollars and where all of the prices are dependent on demand. If no one is drinking a certain beer, the price will plummet and possibly crash.

Mark Kirchgesler, a member of the Rushmore German Club, says "The whole beer exchange thing is an interesting concept. Right now I'm pretty pleased because what I'm drinking seems to be on the cheap side.

For some. a beer with low value might be the best choice

Kat Country 98.7's D. Ray Knight says "Hopefully the beer you like isn't that popular with everyone else so then you can get a great deal out of it. With more than 70 breweries from across the country and locally on deck, vendors, and other activities, Bierborse gives beer lovers the opportunity to learn about different products and become hands on.

Whitman says, "It's just another way to engage people and offer another element within this festival."

Kirchgesler says, "This may give people a chance try things that they have avoided in the past."

More than anything, today's fall festival gives the public the freedom to explore ...

D. Ray says, "It's fantastic, I mean t his is a very dramatic part of the country so it's a lot of the German culture, alot of the October Fest celebrations

and be a part of one of the largest German beer and culture celebrations in the city.