Be the Change: YFS Fullerton Farm

Published: Sep. 9, 2018 at 7:28 PM MDT
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Thanks to an elderly Rapid City couple, Youth and Family Services createD a small farm.

We head to Box Elder to check it out in this week's Be the Change.

The YFS Fullerton Farm in Box Elder is named after Dale and Jacquolyn Fullerton, a couple in their 80s.

Dale says he originally bought the land to build an industrial plant.

The City Council said he could build it, but when he was later denied the permit, he was left with three acres of unusable land.

Dale Fullerton says, "So I then ended up with a piece of land that I couldn't use. I didn't want to go through the efforts of trying to sell it so I contacted Youth and Family Services. I asked them if they could use it and they responded and said yeah, they'd sure like to have it."

Since donating the land five years ago, YFS planted a large garden, 28 fruit trees for an orchard, and three bee hives at the end of the property.

Darcie Decker, YFS community outreach director, says, "We've done a lot of manicuring, mowing, weed whacking, trimming of trees and branches."

Over the weekend, YFS hosted a Harvest Festival where kids and their families could bring home fresh produce and learn about gardening.

After leaving the festival, Dale says they've done wonders with the land.

Dale Fullerton says, "It's really gratifying to us that they'd taken it and used it in a very productive way for the kids."

The farm came with an irrigation well and several structures, and the YFS community outreach director says they're so grateful to the Fullertons.

Darcie Decker says, "We felt really blessed to receive this about five years ago from the Fullerton family. What hearts of compassion they have to share this."

As for future plans for the Fullerton Farm, Decker hopes to make a sweet cornfield and a larger pumpkin patch.

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