Be the Change: Who's Toy House donates demo toys

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - A Rapid City toy store owner is giving back to the community.

Demo toy cow at Who's Toy House in Rapid City. (KEVN)

Various toy demonstrations dot the inside of Who's Toy House.

Children get to test out a dollhouse or train tracks before actually buying the product.

But once a demo toy lived its life out, the toy store owner does not just toss it or resell it.

"Instead of selling that product for pennies on the dollar, we just choose to donate it. We feel that it's something that we can do to promote play in our local community, and we're happy to do it," Who's Toy House Owner Somer Kingsbury said.

Once a demo toy is finished on the floor, Kingsbury or her employees clean it, repurpose it, then donate it to charity.

Some nonprofits she's donated to include Youth and Family Services, the Club for Boys, and WAVI.

Kingsbury says the demos are especially good for places that didn't previously have toys in the waiting room.

"And so sometimes that takes away from the services the parents are able to have. So if we can donate those toys, then children have something to do when they're at those appointments. And then the services are able to be provided 100 percent to that parent without that parent having to negotiate between entertaining the child and having those services," Kingsbury said.

And even younger kids understand the magnitude of Kingsbury's good deed.

"That's pretty cool and that's pretty kind of her," nine-year-old Raymond Goizzaffi said.

Kingsbury says she's also donated demo sets to churches, and that she just wants to provide a good example for others.

"I think it's important for every person to live their life by example and to do what you can. And so this is a way I can give back to the community that supports me and the community that I love," Kingsbury says.

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