Be the Change: Wellfully youth use rocks to help others through rocky times

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Teens recovering from addiction and behavior health are giving back to the community.

We'll see how they're changing the meaning of "No stone goes unturned" in this week's Be the Change.

Kids who are trying to sober up are painting rocks with inspirational quotes.

Bryan Satterwhite, clinical director, Wellfully, says, "It's a way for the kids to give back. We teach them the kids positive affirmations and how important it is to be positive about life. It's a way for them to take what they've learned, put it on a rock, and then leave it out for someone else to find."

These teens range from 10 to 17 years old, and they're all a part of Wellfully.

Wellfully is a group home that can house up to 32 kids.

Half are in the addiction recovery unit.

The other half are in behavior health.

Wellfully staff asked us not to show the kids' faces, but we were able to speak with a teen recovering from a meth addiction.

J.S., youth, Wellfully addiction recovery unit, says, "We were painting rocks, putting positive affirmations on them like mine said "Don't count the days. Make the days count #Sobriety". That would mean I wouldn't be counting the days. I'd be making the days count like keeping myself busy, working on my program."

Satterwhite says he gets to change somebody's life in a positive way every day.

Bryan Satterwhite says, "It's not just a job. It's more of a way of life. You're here different hours throughout the day. It's not just an eight to five job. And you get to make an impact on the adolescents. They're going to be our adults of tomorrow."

Wellfully staff is also working on a crisis care center for kids.

Bryan Satterwhite says, "We're currently working on getting a certified teacher to come in so our kids that come through can actually work on high school credits as their coming in. A portion of our clients that come in dropped out of school or they missed a lot of school due to addiction or whatever reason they came in."

Seventeen-year-old J.S. has been living at Wellfully for a month, and when she leaves in April, she wants to pursue big dreams.

J.S. says, "I hope to start a new chapter in my life, but this time sober, and I want to finish getting my G.E.D. and I want to get a job, and I want to school for cosmetology and business."

If you'd like to donate time, money, or clothing items to Wellfully, you can visit them at 22 Waterloo Street in Rapid City or go to

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