Be the Change: Superheroes "Rush" to help soccer club

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This local hockey team is not all about sports.

They also care about keeping young kids active.

Some superheroes teamed up with the Rapid City Rush to raise money for youth soccer.

We hit the ice to find out more in this week's Be the Change.

Superheroes like the Hulk, Thor, and Wonder Woman took a break from crime fighting to support the Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club.
At the end of the first period of last night's Rush game, comic book heroes and villains, both big and small, stepped onto the ice for a costume contest, and fans cheered for their favorite one.

Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club Executive Director Doug Noyes says, "We have an agreement that our membership attends and comes and we benefit from that as well as the Rush benefiting from it so it's really a win-win thing. It's great entertainment. It's great fun for the families. It's great fun for the kids to come down here."

A portion of the ticket sales goes to the soccer club, and Rapid City Rush President Joe Macdonell says they want to set a good example for the kids.

Rapid City Rush President Joe Macdonell says, "We want to be role models to all of the athletes in Rapid City regardless of their sport. Certainly the (youth) hockey players look up to our players and our coaches as role models, but we want all of the athletes in town whether it's soccer, or baseball, or football to look up to our professional athletes as role models."

Soccer coach and director Doug Noyes says participating in sports can get expensive so the more people that can help out, the better.
He also says sports in general have more than just physical benefits.

Doug Noyes says, "There's a lot of research that shows that you keep kids busy, you keep kids involved in things, you develop a passion in them. They do way better in school. Their social choices are way better. They end up being more productive adults and so anything we can do to help develop that, we're going to be doing that."

Captain America also made an appearance, and he says he agrees with Coach Noyes.

Captain America says, "It's always a good idea to go ahead and get people involved in sports and athletics as young as possible, helps them stay active and form good habits."

Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club is an organization that runs all of the soccer leagues in Rapid City.
And the kids say they're grateful for generous people who help them continue to play what they love: soccer.

12-year-old Jared Baloun says, "I just like playing it. I learn more stuff than usual, than I did before."

13-year-old Jacob Keech says, "I really like this because it's helpful and I've improved a lot in just this one year I've played."

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