Be the Change: Revitalizing Edgemont's Football Field

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An Edgemont school staple is getting a facelift with the help of the surrounding community.

Edgemont junior, Abby Tidball says, "Anybody in the community is willing to help anybody out."

Sometimes the smallest of towns have the biggest of hearts.
A population of only 736 - the Edgemont community knows how to come together to reach a common goal.

Lane Ostenson, Athletic Director for Edgemont Schools says, "This whole project has been driven by the community and by the local businesses. When I say local businesses, I mean from all over the area."
The project? Completely revitalize the Edgemont school football field.
The Edgemont City Council has done their part - voting to permanently close a street so the field could be rotated.
The plans also include adding a track, something they've never had before.
It was an idea proposed by local contractor and dad - Kerry Barker.

Kerry Barker, local contractor says, "I have a daughter in school here. Kids were practicing on the football field and running on the streets. It seems like we always send a few kids to the state track meet - but we don't have a facility to practice."
It's been a family project - Barker's son, Cody was helping in the process, until tragedy struck in June when he was killed in a trucking accident.
For one member of the Barker family, it seems to have helped in the healing process.

Sarah Barker, Edgemont freshman, says, "It was a big thing with my brother and my family. My brother had an accident so -- it's really helpful for me. It's exciting for me to know how much work for the community has been put into this project."
Sarah is just one of the student athletes who will reap the benefits of a new track and field. For some of fellow Moguls, it means a new chance to be state champs.

Edgemont junior Kaleb Darrow says, "Running the two mile, I just run around town pretty much. I don't get to run on a track -- which I like running around town. There's nothing bad about that but running on a track will definitely help with different times and speeds around the track."
But in the meantime, as the project progresses - the field is still getting plenty of action.
Barker says, "A lot of community members on that field. There's a couple of retired guys who just about spend everyday there."

The Moguls hope to have an all-weather track by the time track season starts. If they can't raise enough money, they'll have a gravel track and continue to work on fundraising.