Be the Change: Fork Real Cafe

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One local couple is heading out on a new business venture to open up a restaurant in Rapid City.
But the purpose behind the cafe is about more than just food.

Co-owner of Fork Real Cafe, Rhonda Pearcy says, "I've always had a passion for cooking. It's kind of how I love on other people is cooking."
Now Rhonda and her husband are taking that passion and turning it into a career, working to open a new restaurant in Rapid City.

But this cafe is about more than the menu.
They're mixing food and community service together as one, inspired by One World, Everyone Eats.

David Pearcy says, "We're so blessed in this community. We felt like we need to provide an opportunity to give back, whether it be people who are living paycheck to paycheck and may need that meal at the end of the month or somebody who has no place to go."

Fork Real Cafe encourages philanthropy with options to pay it forward for another person's meal, pay what you can if you can't afford the full price, or pay off your meal with a little work for the shop.
Something this pair thinks is necessary, Rhonda says she sees the need herself as kitchen manager for the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.
R. Pearcy says, "Many amazing people come through and for whatever situation, we have a lot of brokenness in the world. So their circumstances bring them to Cornerstone."

But Fork Real also supports the 'family' dynamic at the dinner table.
R. Pearcy says, "Having a place that's open to everyone to be able to come in and have tables that are family style where people can sit next to each other and actually have a conversation."

As for food, the Pearcy's say Fork Real will serve up locally grown, nutritious foods for anyone in the community to eat.
But the restaurant is only in its second phase, fundraising by selling cheesecakes and catering around the Black Hills, with hopes to open up within the next year.
R. Pearcy says, "When the doors open, we want people to know that we have great food, a great purpose, and will come."

The cafe will be one of 60 community cafes in the United States. Rhonda and David say so far the response from the community has been positive.
If you want to check them out, you can find their website at