Be the Change: Enriching souls by protecting soles

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - We often hear the phrase, "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes," but what if they don't have any?

We'll meet a high schooler who's enriching "souls" by protecting "soles" in this week's Be the Change.

High school junior Kaci Cooper is trying to raise money to buy shoes for children in Honduras.

Kaci's mom and sister visited Honduras in 2015, and what they saw, made their hearts ache.

Kaci Cooper says, "They saw the kids walk around without shoes and how they can get illnesses from not having shoes. She came home and told us all about it so it kind of inspired me to give them (the children) a pair of shoes."

As an athlete, Cooper knows the importance of a good pair of shoes.

Kaci Cooper says, "I'm a runner and I obviously play basketball so I know they need for shoes and how even if you have a good pair of shoes, your feet can sitll be taking a beating."

She says she wants to buy the kids one hundred pairs of shoes from a project called The Shoe That Grows.

Katrina Lim says, "A pair of shoes from The Shoe That Grows can make fives times the impact of regular shoes because they can expand five sizes, which means children can have the same pair of shoes for many years."

Kaci Cooper says, "They're made of rubber so they're durable and they have buttons and buckles that can readjust to make them larger so they can wear them for multiple years."

Her track coach says it's exciting to see young individuals look outside of their own little world and figure out how they can make an impact.

Royce Wuertzer, Kaci's cross country and track coach, says, "And I think something that Kaci and I have spent a lot of time talking about is what is your legacy when you leave here? Is it just that you were a good runner was it more to that? And I think that's what she's been looking for, is leaving a legacy behind and being proud of what she did while she was at S-T-M.

So far Kaci raised five hundred five dollars of her 15-hundred dollar goal.

Kaci Cooper says, "It just makes me feel like I'm actually able to make a difference throughout the world and not just be a small girl in a high school."

If you'd like to help out, go to her fundraiser page at

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